ZocDoc for eye doctors with Price Transparency 180 million US adults need vision care. 90-million will skip, postpone, put off care because finding an eye doctor and scheduling care is such a hassle. Most go 2, 3, and more years until it's urgent. Then they will navigate the difficult process. One-third that get care pay cash (30-million) and must find doctors without approved network doctor lists. Cash paying patients want powerful search tools, pricing information, and appreciate savings offers. Vision care and eyewear can be very expensive. Eye doctors average five unfilled exam times per day. It's always the late morning/early afternoon exams. Optometrists are willing to offer patient savings to fill one of these open exams. Cash paying patients will make the time to save money. There are 45 million un-used eye exams each year for the 34,200 licensed optometrists. This is really "demand pricing" for eye doctors. Like filling an open airline seat or empty hotel room.