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User Data Management Platform for the Performance Market OFFERING Biddly is a Big Data Management Platform (DMP) built specifically for the unmet needs of Performance Marketers who today have little user-data infrastructure and are looking for a low cost, efficient SaaS solution to reduce traffic wastage and boost conversions (min 10% revenue uplift) Problem: Marketing dollars are wasted as people become overexposed to the same offer with no marketer knowing if that person has already converted or not. Solution: Biddly enables performance marketers to ID people they target, store data on their intentions, so they can focus efforts only on people most likely to convert via real-time, AI based optimisation. Our ?Data-coop? provides a centralised hub of user-data on all offersthat Marketers can leverage in real-time via rules based redirection algorithm or via own systems whilst retaining full control how that data is shared. They can efficiently cycle users to fresh, relevant offers, hence increasing conversions by >20%