Bid Groups (bidder, bidzy)
Recap of bidding sites We use many mediums to advertise with bidding, including concerts, meet and greets, concert packages, and even any creative use, our business models are that good of reaping profit thtwe even make not t obe said, but calculated high driven profits from photo bidding, fairly and justly created, but with advanced business models, and under rapid development, all our bidding sites, have incredibly high value. Though generally bidding is less than 2%thereal site, we take pride in putting our ideas on the front, nd developing those generally bidding is just a bonus feature - so please carefully view each site, because as we said, thebidding features, drives high monetization, and other important eleents of our business, but th ctual idea, are generally virallymade, and hve abnormally highv-vlue production like Facebook may have payments - its not a payment site, similar to our thought here. Support our sites, and that's some background on the bidding feature of our numerous ideas.