bike save the world Cyclope transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid vehicle. Cyclope contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity to communicate with the Cyclope app on your smartphone, an embedded control system, a light and an anti-theft system. The bicycle is becoming the equivalent of what was the car in 20th century for the urban dweller, Cyclope helps make hills appear flat and distances seamed reduced, so there are no places out of reach for those who use bicycles. The only limit to your energy is your desire to ride! The advantages of Cyclope are: less pedaling effort, less transpiration, more power available to face obstacles such as hills or passing maneuvers, cover longer distances and to replace other means of transportation (scooter, car, bus).Cyclope is equipped with wireless connectivity to communicate with the Cyclope application on your smartphone, generating an integrated control system of the bicycle.
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