Bicycle-sharing for tourism ? Bicicorpamerica currently operates through tourism agencies in Chile and other countries that add value to their tour packages by incorporating bike city tours, contributing to the care of the environment of each destination. ? In Chile, Turismo COCHA one of the biggest tourism agency of Chile has available biketours in three destinations: Buenos Aires, Lima and Cartagena de Indias. WHY? According to Tomas Sauvalle, founder of this start up, "BICICORPAMERICA goal is to be a tangible and transcendent alternative in the reduction of the carbon footprint and in the development of sustainable tourism", We believe that in this way, the agencies add value to their offer of tourist packages in the line of the environmental Protection?. Currently BICICORPAM?RICA is present in: Chile: Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, C?rdoba Colombia: Cartagena de indias Lima Peru Uruguay: Montevideo, Punta del Este * They expect 60 destinations for 2018.