Great GAMES today BRANDS that matter tomorrow! ?SMASH TIME - All together for the adventure! Is a F2P seen as game as a service highly connected with social features for competitive and collaborative modes between Players. Our aim is to bring great entertainment all around the world with engaging stories where the Players will make part of it and be companions of charismatic characters that can jump from the touch screens to other mediums, and ?who knows, create the next entertainment ?BRAND! STORY:? ? Earth is in danger (yet again)! The gooey and ravenous Blarghinis, a race of slimy creatures who roam space devouring everything - and every little animal - on their path just arrived and already started wreaking havoc! But a group of heroes will band together with YOU to defeat this threat! And hopefully save all the animals: So you know what time is, it's Smash Time! VIDEOS Santa Claus youtube.com/watch?v=CfcKvuJb9bs Having Fun with a Boss youtube.com/watch?v=3gWUqJU4u64 Some Features? youtu.be/ZkOTK35X1GA
Member count: 1-10