New School Fish and Chips Restaurants We have created a new style of lighter more flavourful fish and chips using different cooking techniques and a much more varied range of fish species. Our aim is too diversify the fish used in fish and chips to help with the harmony of the ocean. Elevate - Educate - Modernise. Traditional fish and chips are fantastic but its time to make use of all the fish we have on this planet not just what the market demands. The ocean is not a supermarket shelf. By making a concept/brand that delivers high quality fast casual food at a fair price in a casual space with an environmentally aware attitude to all aspects of the experience. With TV appearances on The Food Network with Guy Fieri, BBC 1 with Tom Kerridge and taste endorsement from Yotam Ottolenghi, Deborah Meaden and Major Lazer we have created a new brand of fast casual fish and chips with a vision to become an International food chain that respects the planet while delivering a treat. Bia Mara - "Sea Food" in the Irish Language.