Bhuvan Care Services
We are committed to empower the driver community with sense of safety and stability We at Driver Bandhu strongly believes that the Indian Economy is standing on its feet solely because of the Drivers and the Enterprises taking care of these drivers. Yet ironically, there is at least 25 % shortage of drivers. Fueled by the spirit of Social Entrepreneurship, Driver Bandhu is committed to bring effective and long-sustaining solutions to challenges faced by the highly unorganized transport industry so that more and more drivers willingly join the workforce and continue to contribute to India?s Economy. A mere digital storehouse of driver database will not do justice to the comprehensive paperwork hassle an Enterprise needs to take care of on a daily basis. Driver Bandhu is an application that not just stores Drivers? data in one place but also tracks & manages drivers? trips and aids in digital documentation of all relevant documents like licenses, Identity Cards, PUCs, RCs, etc. It also goes another few steps ahead by helping Enterprises manage their day to day expenses in an organized and scientific manner. Transport Industry that largely supports India?s economy is also a major source of employment to more than 25 million people. People have food on their plate and shops have all the essential necessities owing to the Transport Industry. Yet, it is disturbing to see the industry dwindling at the mercy of a highly unorganized infrastructure. Driver Bandhu cares. For the country. For the Enterprises. For the drivers. Which is why Driver Bandhu has come up with a systemic solution that will help in making the Transport Industry efficient, reliable and cost-effective. One step at a time.
Member count: 11-50