BhumiCare is an initiative for the farmers by the new gen farmers. BhumiCare is here to address the issues and solve them especially those pertaining to new markets and traditional farming methods by making use of technological advancements while preserving the most important natural occupation of India i.e Agriculture. It is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, "The future of India lies in its villages." The current scenario in India pertaining to farmers often raises questions as to what can be done for them. It is said that if you want to make sure someone earns, don't give him money, rather teach him how to earn. We at BhumiCare provide the farmers, old and young, with a constant and dependable source of income by aiming to reduce the economic gap between villages and the cities. By empowering farmers and thus the villages, our goal is to give justice to the hands that grow food. We do so by providing cost effective and healthy food from farmers direct to our homes. We ensure to abide by everything that is natural and organic, free from artificial or manmade products. Food being a major part of our livelihood, it is of utmost importance to eat chemical free fruits and vegetables, to avoid ailments arising in the future. Simply put, "Prevention is better than cure". At BhumiCare, we have the best techniques to counter climate change, along with the help of R&D dept to keep a tab on the standardization of the crops/produce while keeping the whole process natural. We hope to have many people join us in our endeavour as humans to do our little for the earth and its people.
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