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Delicious than Coconut Water with similar benefits With a mission to revolutionize sugarcane use, Bhoomi creates cane water-based beverages, which are nourishing and deliciously hydrating. In ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, sugarcane water has been known to have numerous benefits to the human body. People around the world have consumed cane water for centuries. Bhoomi brings this delicious, nutrient-rich drink in its essential form, retained with its natural vitamins, minerals, and flavor. As a former international Ping-Pong athlete for India, Bhoomi's CEO, Arpit Bhopalkar was recommended to consume cane water by coaches and doctors for its sustained energy boost and hydration. However, when arriving in the U.S to complete his MBA and play for Tulane University's table-tennis team, he learned more about the complex history of sugarcane in the western hemisphere and was determined to make a change. We seek to provide a good for you drink that transforms lives and supports the health of people and our planet.
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