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We take online meal orders on daily/ weekly/ monthly package basis Online Meal Store,is an online food ordering portal,which helps you get high caliber,hygienic meals on Daily & Weekly/Monthly package basis from nearby eateries.In our Indian Culture,?Bhojanshala? was one of the most popular terms used by the eateries traditionally,which provides Bhojan(Indian food),which now-a-days is referred to as ?Meal?.Hence,we at have created an online platform that bridges the gap between the common man and the local eateries,providing nutritious meals.With a variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from,one can satiate their daily hunger without burning a hole in their pocket.In our daily life we face a common problem everyday and find ourselves stuck onto one question: ?What to eat today?? We our self faced the same dilemma every single day,which lead us into thinking of an uncommon solution to the most common problem,which finally gave birth to ? Online Meal Store? a first of its kind initiative.
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