Social Action Solution BHeard is a smartphone app and web-based communications solution for Social Action. BHeard is designed for member-based organizations (political parties, labor unions, 527s, non-profits, etc.) to establish and strengthen relationships with their supporters and members, mobilizing them for social action. It is built to catalyze mass participation. The BHeard web portal allows client organizations to create custom calls-to-action such as call-in, email, and social media campaigns, to engage members and supporters. Organizations can also create custom news feeds, coordinate events, and send real-time alerts to keep their members informed about the social issues surrounding the cause. End-users receive actions and communications via the free BHeard smartphone app. The app provides individuals with things like talking points, pre-scripted emails, and other tools that make it easy to contact elected officials and influence change. The BHeard app is available for iPhone and Android.
Member count: 1-10