Bhavan IT Services
New Concept in Financial Planning TransBook is a product of Bhavan plays a proactive role by contacting the user in case of inactivity for a specific time period and in case of mishap ? provides the nominee with the user?s details. is Personal transaction book and focuses on unclaimed funds with financial institutions in India objective is to bridge the gap between Insurer/Account Holder and Nominee/Heir Problem Crores of rupees are lying with financial institutions as unclaimed funds due to lack of information of financial investments of the deceased to their Nominees/heirs. Solution Market Currently focuses at 26000 CR INR unclaimed assets as of 2012, 1,80,000 insurance policies unclaimed 1,00,000 bank accounts unclaimed And considering trading accounts, Mutual funds, PF accounts, Fixed deposits which are unclaimed And taking into account the largest bank in India SBI which has 16.5 million net banking users and 8.5 million mobile banking users and 173 million accounts