BFS blue technology is based on transforming the CO2 from industrial emissions into products that can be used in diverse markets such as Energy, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Biotech. BFS is dedicated to solving the most vital issues confronting mankind in the 21st Century: • Protecting the environment & Repairing existing damage • Securing food resources & Satisfying global nutrition needs • Providing a sustainable, competitively-priced source of clean energy - BFS is the first & only company in the world to capture, convert & neutralize manmade CO2. - BFS Blue’s patented technology applies the power of nature to decrease carbon emissions by transforming industrial CO2 into a truly standardized & contamination-free biomass that is 100% natural and free of chemicals and genetic modification. - Our Eco-Field production plants are highly scalable, modular, and optimized for diversification to become self-financing after only a few short years. Because of our diverse business model, we are able to provide cost-competitive products and minimize overall investment risk. - We create jobs and empower local communities with highly specialized skills and the satisfaction of contributing to one of the most important green and sustainable industries of our time. - BFS Blue Petroleum can considerably decrease global dependence on fossil fuels by offering a clean, sustainable, truly drop-in energy solution that eliminates CO2 in the production of each and every barrel.
Founded date: 2006