BFS Blue Enterprises
Profitable Clean Energy with CO2 Reduction Over the past 8 years, BFS blue has dedicated a team with over 170 yrs combined industry experience to develop a multi-patented, autotrophic microalgae-based technology. This technology uses CO2 emissions from industrial plants to produce a true drop-in crude oil in addition to high value nutritional, cosmetic, biotech and pharmaceutical products. Currently, our pilot plant has been producing consistent yields using a process proven to generate a standardized quality of biomass in both an industrially scalable and commercially viable way. BFS technology is currently the only one on the market that not only captures and recycles CO2, but also neutralizes it. Rather than simply reducing the level of emissions or recycling CO2, BFS captures emissions directly from the source, converts, and neutralizes (C3N) them permanently, just as nature did millions of years ago. This results in 1 ton of CO2 permanently removed from the atmosphere for every barrel of BFS blue Petroleum produced.
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