Mission Statement: The mission of BEZALEL is Wireless power. Anytime. Anywhere. We are passionate about creating an ecosystem of the highest quality wireless charging experience. By spearheading innovations of practical applications in the industry, BEZALEL's wireless charging brings freedom and flexibility into the everyday lives of people all throughout the world. Who We Are and What We Do: BEZALEL was founded in 2014 to find a solution for the foremost problem with today’s mobile and highly-connected lifestyle. BEZALEL designs and manufactures advanced wireless charging technology to offer the fastest and most efficient wireless chargers for people all around the world and for usage at home, office, travel and entertainment. The quality and craftsmanship put into BEZALEL’s wireless chargers reflect goals that go above and beyond style, convenience and luxury. BEZALEL is dedicated to delivering omnipresent wireless charging that will always already be in our lives, as we strive for everyone to have access to a power source that’s light as air. For more info: http://bezalel.co
Location: United States, Los Angeles
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $1.2M

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