THE PAYMENTS PLATFORM THAT GOES BEYOND PAYMENT Beyond Payment is a cloud-based software platform that goes beyond conventional POS (point-of-sale) and PG (payment gateway) solutions to digitize an organization?s entire payments workflow end-to-end. Beyond Payment has been founded by Sourabh Jain, who previously founded ngpay - India?s mobile payments pioneer. Sourabh was the first tech entrepreneur from India, and only the third from Asia to win the prestigious young entrepreneur of the year award from World Economic Forum. With a proven track record of building and scaling ngpay to more than 2 million+ users and finally exiting the venture, Sourabh launched Beyond Payment a while back in stealth mode. With a small outsourced team, he built the initial version of the product and launched it in beta with a few large enterprises and about 100 SMB merchants across India. The customer response and learnings from the beta make us us strongly believe that the platform has proven crucial product-market fit and is now ready for scale.
Member count: 1-10