Better Tear Film Diagnostics If the tear film is broken, a condition called dry eye occurs. Approximately 5% of the adult population suffers from a severe form of dry eye, which strongly impacts their daily life: Severe dry eye has a disability score equivalent to an untreated broken hip. Diagnosing dry eye is vexing because diagnostic parameters and symptoms do not match and other ocular conditions mimic this disease. Currently, diagnosis is a best guess. Our device, TearView, will revolutionise dry eye diagnosis. It allows seeing the normally invisible tear film in real time without touching or interfering with it. It enables our customer, the clinician, to make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem to then select the best treatment and monitor that treatment. TearView is fast, simple to use and educational for the patient. Our device also allows clinicians to select the best brand of contact lens that interferes least with the tear film and therefore minimises side effects of contact lens wear.
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