BEXEL Consulting is a modern, high-tech, construction and engineering consultancy company. We simplify and aid in overcoming the most complex design and construction related issues using a fine-tuned synergy of innovation, technology and drive with knowledge, experience and expertise. With over a decade of development of advanced construction consulting solutions and proprietary, state of the art software technologies, we established ourselves on the international stage, delivering so far over nine million square meters of various complex projects – including luxury hotels, large residential and commercial blocks, national medical, legal, scientific and corporate centers, sports institutions, infrastructure projects etc. Our solutions are based on 3D Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction technologies. Main benefits include the following: • Advanced visualization and ability to handle, analyze and simplify complex project data yield benefits to all project stakeholders, by enabling intelligent decisions based on an abundance of precise and timely information we provide through customized reporting. • Our document management and design review solutions give us and our clients full control over design management processes, with enhanced coordination and precision, leaving minimal possibility of faulty designs reaching the construction site. • Using our 4D/5D construction management engines, we help our clients in execution and coordination of complex construction tasks, management of subcontractors, resources, changes and procurement, as well as 6D facility maintenance once the project is constructed. We strive to provide our clients with control over their projects from all aspects, so as to drive each project as smoothly and simply as possible, with maximized efficiency, higher profit margins, significantly reduced risks, waste, construction costs and time and improved quality.
Location: Austria, Upper Austria, Pasching
Member count: 51-200
Founded date: 2005