Mobile Beverage Commerce and Analytics As beverage industries continue to thrive, one aspect remains unchanged: the consumer experience of placing an order and tendering the transaction. The industry?s antiquated process of opening and closing a bar tab does not speak to the modern consumer. BevPass meets that need. Packaged as an APP to the consumer, a powerful advertising & analytics service to the beverage provider; BevPass is a bar/beverage tab enabling users to transparently manage their entire experience directly via their mobile device. BevPass introduces a technological VIP experience where waiting in long lines to order or pay, is a thing of the past. Consumers in today?s market are looking for an easy-to-use product that enhances & expedites everyday experiences. BevPass places the management of the tab in the hands of the consumer, through an efficient platform that benefits the consumer, and accomplishes this with utter transparency. While providing unparalleled user analytics for direct to consumer advertising.
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