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Unsettled curates 30-day experiences that take your work, life, and adventures beyond traditional borders.
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17.12.2020Интернет-кочевники — кто это, сколько зарабатывают, и это вообще законно?Я переезжаю 7 раз в год. Собираю все вещи, выезжаю из старой квартиры и въезжаю в новую. В среднем за 3 года — это один переезд через каждые 52 дня. Иногда новое жильё находится в другой части города, иногда в другой стране. 42 42 комментар...
06.02.2020Business And Pleasure: 3 Ways That Remote Jobs Have Revolutionized The Travel Industry“Are you traveling for business or pleasure?” It’s been a common question for travel industry professionals to make small talk for decades, but now it’s extinct. Just like our at-home lifestyles, our traveling is also becoming an unpreceden...
20.06.2017Marbl launches a social network and travel tool for the millennial jet setMarbl Media wants to be the mobile app that a new, millennial generation of jet setters goes to flip the script on how to share tips and plan trips. Starting with an Instagram platform for content distribution and development, and now with ...
-How to spend a month abroad without missing workNew travel companies are making it easier for remote workers to live and work abroad without the long-term commitment. So-called “workcations” are on the rise, with 74% of Americans who are working from home saying they would consider takin...

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