Better Life Beverages
We develop all natural and organic liquid supplements "Relax & Sleep" is the name given to our prototype liquid relaxation and sleep aid formula. We saw a need for a high quality natural formulation in this category and after months of R&D we'd combined eight super high quality botanical relaxation ingredients and made it even better by exclusively sourcing them from natural and organic farms. Each of these eight plant based extracts has a rich traditional history of promoting relaxation, improving sleep, and reducing stress. This one of a kind liquid Relax & Sleep formula is now ready for retail and private label expansion into the dietary supplement, over the counter, and food/bev categories. Early-stage product concept testing took place online using social media as a marketing test tool and then branching into online adverting through Bing, Facebook, and Google ads. The finished prototype was tested in over 250 c-store locations throughout the US and exhibited at the Healthy Beverage & World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, NV June 2013.
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