We have all heard the statistic that says 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Better Bras Canada is here to challenge that statistic and ask why!? Why are so many Canadian women content to settle for less when your boobs deserve better. Here in Canada our lingerie industry is dominated by lingerie retailers who cater to only a small portion of the demographic. Sure they offer bras in every colour under the rainbow but where is the support? It doesn’t help that many bra manufactures limit their size offerings and make it impossible for busty women to find a Better Bra. A recent poll revealed that the average bra size in North America is a 36DD. The most popular bra fashion retailers only offer bra sizing up to a 40DDD! This leaves a whole bunch of people out of the loop- forced to make do with the limited size offerings and squeezing themselves and their poor boobs into ill-fitting bras. No wonder so many people are wearing the wrong size? Busty Women Rejoice Better Bras Canada Is Here Thankfully there are several high quality European brands that cater specifically to women in the DD+ cup size range. They offer wonderful luxury designer lingerie that are “true to size” providing a wonderful tailored fit. Not only do these Better Bras provide more support for bustier women they also come in gorgeous styles and fashionable designs. These are not your frumpy box bras I promise! Established based on the belief that every woman deserves to feel feminine and stylish while also getting the support that she needs. Better Bras Canada’s objective is to bring access to these brands to Canadian women. We also strive to re-educate and inform ladies about proper bra fit and sizing techniques so that they can confidentially shop for a Better Bra from home. A Lingerie Boutique In Your Living Room Believe it or not Bra Shopping for bigger cup sizes can be fun! One of the main reasons why more women do not get a professional bra fitting is because they feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about letting a sales associate measure and size them. There is also the fear that there will be nothing available in their true size. We’ve eliminated these stresses by putting the Bra Fitting into the hands of the customer, but don’t worry- our knowledgeable consultants will teach about proper bra fitting strategies, what to look for in a high quality bra, and what brands are available. They will help to better inform you about bra styles and fashion in order to help you find a bra that will boost your confidence and help you feel your best. Bra fit consultations are availble privately in the home or in a comfortable group setting called a Bra Fit Party. Better Bra Fit Parties are unique experiences where you can invite your friends to have a fun evening or afternoon getting a bra-education and trying on some gorgeous luxury lingerie imported for Europe. Once you know your “true bra size” you will be able to shop confidentially from our Better Bra Catalogue or Online at the Better Bra Shop. Changing The Way You Feel About Bra Shopping! Better Bras Canada is different because we believe in body confidence and happiness for women of all shapes and sizes. We are set to revolutionize the lingerie industry in Canada by providing women with a fun body positive way to embrace their natural figure and feel great.