In 2013 the initial concept for the PEBL was conceived. Co-Founder Nevin Murray needed a form of alternative transportation that was cheaper than an electric car, could be used year round unlike a bicycle. After brainstorming with Kevin Murray, also Co-Founder and Nevin’s father, the idea for the PEBL began to take shape. The two started working on the first PEBL prototype in their shop basement using rudimentary and rapid prototyping techniques. In 2014 the first PEBL prototype was completed, it was then Kevin and Nevin recognized the potential for the PEBL and decided to develop it into the product that it is today. Five prototypes and four years later better.bike is now delivering PEBL’s to eager customers.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Deerfield
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 413-213-3026

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