Better Sports Gambling Website An online gambling website to beat all other gambling websites in the UKs gambling market. The website, similar to bet365.com, searches the internet and compares all the odds for a particular horse race for instance. The then increases the odds for all the horses by 1. If the odds are below 4/1 it increases them by 0.5. Bet365 turnover was ?1.5 Billion with a profit of ?400M. With odds slightly better and the correct marketing we can take all the customers from Bet365 along with customers from other big UK companies such as SkyBet, Paddy Power and BetVictor. My name is John Gilmore and I have been designing and programming websites for over 10 years with the odd flutter on horses. While I constantly lose I still search providers for the best odds. We can take all the customers in the industry and make the best gambling website in the market by giving the best odds. I need investment to finalise & help finish the website and get it marketed correctly in the UK market.