Friendly Bets for Friendly Stakes Now there?s a way to make bets?over anything you want, for anything you want?and hold your friends to it! Introducing Betskee, a new app that lets you establish bets (and be creatively inspired by the bets of others), send them to your friends, keep score and remind the losers to pay up. Betskee lets you customize the stakes to be more personal?a round of beers, a tank of gas, or anything you?re willing to risk paying for if you lose your Betskee. The Betskee platform we are building is amazingly elastic. Betskee will evolve to include features like Open Betskees (posed by us and our featured partners, and that anyone can accept) as well as Sponsored Stakes (allowing brands to pay for sponsorship and encourage their products or services to be used as the stakes of Betskees made). Let's Betskee. #You in?
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