BeTrip?s mission is to make every trip into a journey of discovery The main mission of BeTrip is to bring more happiness and some adventure to your life. For usual trip you can use Google Navigator, but if you have time to explore something around you. We change a tedious route to an exciting journey that was made exactly for you! BeTrip is mobile navigation app for travellers, that automatically build vivid routes that fit you exactly by analysing your social profile, personal preferences and likes. To make it automatic, we use modern Machine Learning and Data Science techniques. The kill-features and main competitive advantages are algorithms for evaluating which places are good during the day or at night, in the summer or in the winter, if you are under 25 or over 45 and algorithm for keeping our data always up-to-date. We plan to sell a monthly subscription (through car rental companies, airlines, hotels), a place for advertising along the route and the API for access to third-party services (travel websites, cartographic services)
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