Betalin Therapeutics Inc

Betalin Therapeutics Inc
The leading scientists behind Betalin have discovered how to generate and implant "micro-organs" into a patient's body that possess all the endocrine functionalities of a human pancreas. The transplanted micro-organs are able to secrete insulin in response to changes in patient’s blood glucose levels. No more daily injections and glucose testing. No more strict lifestyle management bearing unsustainable financial costs. Contact Moni Houser, Head of Business Development at Shay Sapir Investment LTD for more information on product status and investment opportunities. T: +972-77-940-0370 M: +972-58-572-2034
Location: Israel, Tel Aviv District, Ramat Gan
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +972 52-296-3130
Founded date: 2015