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Custom FIT Nutrition with 87 Billion + Potential Ingredient Combinations (Ready To Eat) Intro Deck Link: docsend.com/view/uz77nds At Takez?, we are a Nutrition as a Service (we made that up) company We are at the intersection of AI / Machine learning, robotic manufacturing, and personalized ready-to-eat functional nutrition, with a consumer focus on enhancing the experiences of the motivated, cerebral, and the strong. Our focus consumers are elite athletes, weekend warriors, goal setters, and people who live lifestyles of health and sustainability. We are addressing a $67.1B US market, with a CAGR of 7.86%. Takez?? has changed the paradigm of ?im-personal? nutrition by delivering premium, Custom FIT Nutrition solutions that consumers demand and deserve. Utilizing advanced technologies, the ever-changing DNA and Microbiome knowledge base, wearables data, and consumer defined needs, Takez? ? creates individualized nutritional products delivered through a subscription model. Company highlights: ? Developed and Tested Products: o 3 flavors of individualized supplement puree o 87 billion potential ingredient combinations o 14 Functional Modules with 4 (Energy | Focus | Rest | Revive) packaged for retail sales ? Secured manufacturing / supply chain (Patented and scalable) ? Integrated A.I. / Machine Learning / CRM / ERP / Manufacturing o Platform enables the most intimate relationship with a consumer that any functional sports nutrition company has ever had the opportunity to have had. ? Negotiated Terms with Leading Online Sports Nutrition Retailer BodyBuilding.com ? Proven Consumer attraction and retention technologies ? Diverse and World class team Takez?? is seeking value-added equity partners for our initial seed round of funding. I?ve included a link to the company?s pitch for your refence ? docsend.com/view/uz77nds Takez?? has been self funded by the co-founders thus far.
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