An Automated Customer Loyalty Program For Small Businesses MyCredits is a loyalty rewards program for small businesses that focus mostly on online marketing. MyCredits is a SaaS platform where clients can create their own application, complete their company profile and begin loading in their offers and content. The MyCredits Brain will connect with customers to engage additional offers automatically, in order to grow additional sales and activity through incentives. The MyCredits Brain tracks onsite user activity, then alerts the users for active offers and "Credits" to be earned through our proprietary tracking solutions. The MyCredits Dashboard gives the client and the subscriber a great user experience as they are growing their "Credits" bank that can redeemed for cash, coupons, prizes and other giveaways setup by the client. MyCredits effectively lowers the need for retargeting advertising, and raises lifetime value of customers by providing offers and incentives sent to customers at the right time.