Home improvement experience that doesn't suck Flakiness, high prices and incompetence of tradesmen are commonplace in home renovation, improvement and repair industry. More on this read here: news.ded.al/dedal-accelerating-construction-industrys-transition-4d72ec3d4220 We want to fix that wrong. We believe that requesing a plumber, electrician or a contractor should be as easy as pushing a button on your phone. And arrival time 24h should be minutes, not days. Prices should be cheap and transparent. Pay with your card, no cash needed. Lots of homeowners, home remodelling enthusiasts, property managers and Airbnb hosts have so many things they need done around the house, and the money is budgeted. But until now, their only option was to use yellowpages-like middleman services or rely on personal referrals which not always work well, especially when you need an affordable licensed contractor and you need it NOW. Join our vision and our team. Let's make this ugly and ancient industry shine, together!
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