BestSelf Co.
Creating Meaningful Products That Help People Become Their Best Self The BestSelf Co. started as a project between two entrepreneurs, Cathryn and Allen, who were on a journey to creating a life they loved, through building their respective businesses and being able to quit their day jobs. Over two years through books, interviews and attending conferences with some of the most successful high-performing people in the world they began to put together the ingredients to success and what they needed to do to level up. They learned what differentiates outstanding performers from the average person is an ability to plan, effectively execute and track progress. Top performers create daily rituals for success. When Cathryn and Allen began to model these principles, hacks and rituals for themselves things started to turn around in a big way. The products developed by BestSelf Co. help people do more with less; Set and Reach goals; and help people start living the life of their dreams. We focus on productivity, performance, and positivity.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $322K