Shopping for home improvements is broken. We fix it Bestimators is the marketplace for roofing, siding and windows. The home improvements market has been broken for decades. For homeowners, dealing with contractors is stressful, risky and time-consuming. For contractors, finding work is expensive, takes away from core business and requires in-house staff. Bestimators offer an elegant solution to both homeowners and contractors. We commoditize home improvements and allow 1. Homeowners to get their job done easily, affordably & risk-free; 2. Contractors find work seamlessly and <50% cheaper. Here?s how we do it: For homeowners ? First, we spec your project and answer your questions in a single visit. Then, we collect 3+ easy-to-compare bids from top contractors who compete for your work. Finally, you select a winner and the job gets started. For contractors ? First, we notify you when there is a job in your area. Then, you bid with confidence using our quality specs. And finally, you complete the job if you win.
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