Best Food Trucks (BFT)
Find, order ahead, and skip the lines from the best local food trucks Find, order ahead, and skip the lines from the best local food trucks. Food Trucks are to the restaurant industry what AWS was to the startup industry: drastically reducing the cost to launch a business and find early success. They're not just a mobile kitchen fad; they're fundamentally changing the industry. However, trucks are basically operating blind. They don't have metrics to make business decisions like historical sales at each lot, historical trends for their food type, competition reports, average time order-to-window, and many more metrics that would be helpful. Plus, without any sort of online ordering method, lines can get astronomically long and dissuade customers who are turned off by the line size. That's where BFT comes in. Customers can order from their desk or phone, get a text when they're ready, which keeps the line down and feeds order data which aggregated together starts to populate location analytics.
Location: United States, Los Angeles
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