BestFit Mobile
Retail Beacon Engagement with store Associates as the Cornerstone BestFit's ProxDK SaaS Engagement Platform allows retailers to drive engagement in-store when the shopper is at the Point of Decision. Through their branded mobile application, retailers can deliver content to shoppers based on proximity within the store, and arm in-store associates with visibility to which customers are in the store, their purchase history, and ability to pass information such as offers or product recommendations seamlessly across to the Shopper. This Peer-2-Peer interaction between the Associate and the Shopper is a key differentiator to our product because we've figured out how to do it over Bluetooth Low Energy (no network connection needed!). Our real-time analytics dashboard gives retailers clear visibility to the success of their campaigns as well as key store metrics about visitors, dwell times within the store, and conversions. All of this leads to an engaging, personalized shopper experience, and increased basket size and conversions for the retailer.
Total raised: $200K