"At home coffee" everywhere JAC MUG is a travel thermos that stores cream and sugar in the lid and holds coffee or tea in the mug. Coffee is vital to many peoples' daily morning ritual.Coffee drinkers want to have their coffee their way. Most daily coffee drinkers have what they need at home to prepare themselves the perfect cup of joe. However, when they leave their houses, they often don?t have their favorite flavor of cream or choice of sweetener. So they have to settle. It?s estimated that 40% of daily coffee drinkers will simply forgo drinking coffee instead of settling. Our goal is to equip all hot beverage consumers (i.e. tea, coffee, etc.) with the ability to have their drinks their way on the go. Our mug is constructed from high quality dishwasher-safe, FDA-compliant materials. Designed for fast-paced working professionals, our thermos is leak and spill proof while it keeps beverages piping hot all day. We thermally isolate the liquid from the condiments so the ingredients up top don?t spoil.