THE TRILLION DOLLAR MARKET SOLUTION African American consumers represent a TRILLION dollar market! But they have no Amazon, no Consumer Reports or even an AARP. Until now. We?re BEST BLACK and we?re out to change that! Our website combines smart-money content with online shopping so Black consumers can save money ? shop smart ? and spend wisely! As a result brands win by making sustainable consumer connections?consumers win financial smarts and finally have their first ever go-to content + shopping site ? and investors win by backing a venture destined to go from zero to $10-million in revenue by 2020! BBB has an Amazon-based shopping portal. BBB will have a mobile-based business directory to literally drive sales and support Black-owned and small businesses nationwide. And BBB will have website content that spans from autos to home appliances, food to fashion, entertainment to entrepreneurship, and more. BBB has identified the need to raise $500,000 in seed capital. The Business Plan is ready for your review.