Your personal micro-brewery HOPii is a smart device that lets anyone brew his/her own craft beer at home with touch of a button - put in pods, press START and in a few days, outcomes the best tasting craft beer ever. Unlike other homebrewing devices that focus only on creating worts, HOPii gets authentic worts and ingredients from the breweries and perfectly ferments them inside a completely closed environment with smart controlled temperature, pressure, gravity, dry hopping and flavoring, yielding the best and freshest tasting craft beer every time. HOPii has an auto-cleaning feature that cleans itself with touch of a button, making brewing a craft beer so much easier and enjoyable. HOP also enables users to create their own fermented drinks such as Kombuchas, ciders, homebrews and their own inventions and share the recipes with others in a DIY social community. HOPii is the easiest and most fun product for everyone to enjoy drinking the freshest tasting beers and creating their own drinks right from their home.
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