Nanoengineered Anodes to improve Li-ion batteries Besstech has developed a novel technology that improves the performance of any type of lithium ion battery, reduces its manufacturing cost, and reduces its environmental impact. Besstech has been awarded 3 patents in the U.S., Japan, and Singapore, and has more patent applications worldwide. Besstech has trade secrets and manufacturing expertise unparalleled in the world. Besstech has a partnership with Meyer Burger B.V., one of the world's largest manufacturers of solar equipment. Besstech has confirmed the performance of the technology with 2 independent third parties. Besstech's business model is based on licensing and royalties. Besstech can sign licenses for the use of the technology with battery assemblers and exclusivity licenses with industrial battery users. Battery assemblers will also pay Besstech a royalty per unit produced. This model has high margins and requires a low capital expenditure. Besstech does not require to make a large investment for scaling the technology.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $625K

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