Who We Are Bespokery is a platform that connects people who make clothes with people who want clothes made for them the right way. We envision a future, a near future, in which all clothing is made on demand by people who want to make it in ecologically sustainable ways. Simple, right? It should be. Simple and right. Our process began with a simple thought: fast fashion is messed up. It’s convenient, it’s quick, it’s cheap, but get beneath the surface and you’ll find an exploited and in some cases enslaved (literally) workforce. The production practices cause our planet irreparable harm, and we all live here. We wanted to do things differently. Here’s how we do it. The Clothes Bespokery partners with fresh fashion designers who design and curate lines for our platform. The designers create patterns, choose fabrics, choose notions and finishes and voila! A line is born. What separates Bespokery is that instead of manufacturing thousands of garments before we know who will buy them, we leave the manufacturing to the sewists in our network, or to you. Who made your dress? You did. Or Tallulah in Portland did. You’ll know who made your dress. Pretty cool right? We think so. The first step is you pick your clothes. Now you simply “Buy The Kit” or choose “Make It For Me.” If you want to make it yourself, we send you a kit. The Kit If you make your own clothes you don’t need a sewist, you are a sewist. Our kits include everything you’ll need to make the clothes yourself. You’ll receive an heirloom pattern, gorgeous, renewable fabrics, all necessary notions, and comprehensive instructions detailing every step along the way to finish your garment. Make it for Me If you don’t sew, you need someone who does. The sewists in our network love to make clothes so much, they do it for a living. Pick your item and we’ll assign a sewist who will make that item just for you, in the bespoke tradition.
Phone: +1 703-624-5024