Where ideas begin? visual research for students Bespoke redefines mobile ideation by integrating the elements of discovery, organization & collaboration into a single platform. Every innovation in the history of time,started with an idea. But ideas that lead to true innovation aren't ?aha? moments.Bits and pieces of ideas living in proximity to one another most often leads to innovation. In centuries past, the salons, libraries & coffeehouses were where these conversations took place. In the 20th century, a garage in Palo Alto,& as recently as a decade ago,in a Harvard dorm room.But today, with creative thinkers spread across the globe & the web exploding with content, there?s no central place for innovation to germinate. Platforms typically tackle one part of the process?discovery, organization or collaboration, fracturing utility into silos for the sake of ?productivity?. And visual thinkers? the creative economy?are left with social media sites that are visual but offer no collaboration with credible, critical thinkers.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $50K