Bertie & Bean is the new way for young families to save money, space and time clothing their children. Children grow out of their clothes very quickly, often without wearing them out, meaning that many families have perfectly good clothes that are looking for a new home. Instead of putting them in the attic you can send these clothes on to a good home and clothe your child in high quality items for as little as £15. Sign-up for free and we send you two prepaid mailing bags that can hold up to 2kg of clothing their child has grown out of (typically between 10 and 15 items depending on the age of the child). Gather all the outgrown clothes that go together (age and gender) and are in the condition that you'd be happy to receive. Create a quick listing and upload some photos to www.bertieandbean.com this makes your bag available to other users. When another user takes your bag we'll let you know and all you have to do is drop it at the local Post Office and we'll take care of the rest. Finding clothes for your child couldn't be easier - filter other users bags by Age, Gender and Season until you find something that you like. You pay a flat fee of £20 (only £15 if you have earned any rewards) and your nearly new clothes will be with you in a couple of days. When you list your first bag we'll give you £5 off any bag. For every friend you invite we'll give you £5 each off your next bag of clothes. For every bag you send we'll give you £5 off of your next bag of clothes. Bertie & Bean is the fun new way for parents to share the cost of growing!

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