Online Clothing & Fashion Hi, my name is Shaun, and as you know by the short summary I'm starting an online clothing shop. I went to eBay to start selling products as a way to give myself some funding to buy professional web development and of course hosting. The business name is Beretts, which as you can see by saying it, it rolls off the tongue and is short and snappy. We're looking to under-cut every current retailer online, but in order to get the prices down enough to do that, I need investments to make larger orders. I currently do not have any proof of how well we're doing, as I don't have the resources to. I'm currently waiting for my order of clothes to come from China, so I can sell them for roughly 50% profit on eBay. I would sell them before I bought them, but it takes a minimum of 15 days to get here. Another thing to note is that I'm looking for a co-founder.
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