Bercman Technologies

Bercman Technologies
Bercman Technologies is a company dedicated to developing Smart City, Smart Road and Mobility related innovative products and services for ITS and C-ITS applications. We support the advent of self-driving vehicles by developing necessary devices and solutions for vehicles to become connected with their surroundings. Bercman believes connected and autonomous vehicles will transform urban mobility for all demographic groups, especially for young and the elderly. Bercman's first product in line is the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk (SPC) system which is able to detect pedestrians and vehicles, warning all the participants according to the danger level. SPC represents a state-of-the-art concept based on a smart traffic sign that is meant to monitor surrounding road users, predict their trajectories and as a result - give the most effective warning signals to decrease the probability for accidents at uncontrolled crossings. Traffic accidents involving pedestrians remain one of the major causes of serious road traffic injuries and deaths in Europe, especially in urban environments. As the long-time economic burden from these accidents is significant, many countries are looking to implement innovative solutions that can minimize the number of such incidents. Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk offers the solution to this problem. This smart sign that can be also used in other configurations with a variety of features, sensors and signage. For more information contact us:
Location: Estonia, Tartu
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $802.959K
Founded date: 2016

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