Bercman Technologies
The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk (SPC) is a multifunctional C-ITS device, which improves traffic safety on unregulated pedestrian crosswalks. The design of the device is intended to comply with all requirements concerning the roadside C-ITS applications. SPC monitors the situation on traffic lanes and sidewalks and has several safety and notification functions implemented. It supports dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) and vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X) protocols over the LTE or 5G network, enabling automatic communication between all communication-ready traffic entities. The main task of the SPC is to improve the awareness of road users located nearby and to notify road users of the probable traffic hazard. To detect the situations involving traffic hazards, narrow artificial intelligence algorithms are used, which are capable of predicting the moving trajectories of the road users and warn them in advance.
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