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Gamified A.I. Discovery Network MatchPoll alleviates bias in the hiring process and creates a non-competitive marketplace that rewards ambition and creativity while minimizing fraudulent applicants. We utilize machine learning and innovative data analysis to qualify outside professional and educational partners for members to earn digital badges as rewards and visualize developmental progression. More qualified hiring results in higher employee job satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased diversity. So, how do you better qualify candidates? Where is the flaw in hiring today? Soft skills. Personality fit. These critical success factors take far more time to assess and can be difficult to identify. As a result, we make unconscious biases in hiring. We use a bottom-up, holistic approach to tackle unconscious-bias motivations in hiring, transforming the way people lead and engage work. We are recently seed funded and looking for other creative geniuses to join our team.
Member count: 1-10