bePrana Wellness
Corporate wellness consulting, tailor-designing and coaching bePrana Wellness Inc. is passionate in providing real-time solutions, tools and practices to enhance the well-being as well as the retention outcome to corporations, organizations, private groups, or individuals. bePrana Wellness Inc. tailors solutions and practices into wellness programs/packages that uniquely fit each group or individual, especially those are either having members who have medical difficulties (diabetes, cardio vascular etc.) or looking for improving employees' well-being and engagement. Programs/packages available include: 1/ Health risk assessments 2/ Total or specific health screenings and check-ups 3/ nutrition coaching, menu designing considering the unique needs and limitations. 4/ Fitness program designing, coaching, and training based on different physical preferences and/or medical conditions. 5/ Team-building activities/retreats that are tailored to empower personal or group' well-being, as well as engagement.
Member count: 1-10