bePrana Wellness

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WHY? Your Wellbeing needs more than just Fitness. There are at least FIVE essential elements of Well-being. First and fundemental element is Physical Wellness which being influenced by THREE daily fundamental pillars: SMART NUTRITION, PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, and SLEEP QUALITY. bePrana helps you 💚TRACK your current Hydration, Nutrition, Exercises, and Sleep habits, 💚SHAPE healthier ones, and 💚IMPROVE your Wellness! via 🌟tailor onsite/offsite Wellness training, 🌟retreats, and 🌟mobile app/ONLINE platform! BENEFITS? bePrana Wellness Inc. is passionate in tailoring and providing real-time solutions, tools and practices combining aforementioned THREE pillars to enhance well-being, engagement as well as the retention outcome for.. CLIENTS? ..Co-working spaces, SMEs, Accelerators, Incubators, corporations, organizations, teams, or individuals. HOW? Contact us for more details at: hi@beprana.co www.beprana.co
Location: Colombia
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2018