The social hub for vendors and buyers bepleez is the solution that consumers have been waiting for to take charge of their shopping. An innovative and unprecedented concept, with, the consumer posts on-line his intended purchase as well as the price he expects to pay for it. Brand partners are informed of his intent. This allows the brand to directly reply to the demand, in accordance to its current incentive and marketing programs, with a personalized customer offer that may include price, additional gifts, delivery cost reductions, etc. A collaborative platform, consumers can help each other select the best offer by means of a "like", a comment, a suggestion; opinions that count. Based upon Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the consumer's intention is interpreted with precision. Thanks to its social graph, bepleez makes understanding customer desires and allows the consumer to play and active role in collaborative commerce. the scalable architecture manage more than 20 million personalized offers a day.
Member count: 1-10