BEPART – the Public Imagination Movement- is an innovative start-up that allows everybody to install personal projects in public spaces trought the augmented reality creating a second layer in the city accessible by everyone. Bepart fills the urban environment with art, design, videos, sounds and words using technology with a social purpose to create value and enable people to propose their visions enhancing a common benefit. This project turns the urban areas into the biggest exhibition place ever. Bepart is also skilled in concept design, developing and production of creative augmented reality contents for companies and institutions. The creation and production of complex contents in Augmented Reality allows a tecnology's trasversal application that makes possible a pleasant users experience by individual's service and a new way to make audience developement. Bepart borns on 16th July 2014 and wins numerous awards including "IC-Cultural Innovation"​ by Cariplo Foundation and "Think For Social"​ by Vodafone Italia Foundation
Founded date: 2014