Beowulf Defense and Security

Beowulf Defense and Security
“Security is not a product, it’s a process” —Bruce Schneier Beowulf Defense and Security is an international defense and security firm offering innovative concepts in national defense and private security solutions and policies, with analytical expertise in a wide range of weapon systems for air, sea, and land based applications Our uniquely comprehensive security solutions are specifically tailored to engage the emerging needs of governments and private entities in the 21st Century and we are fully committed to providing innovative defense and security expertise with the utmost levels of professionalism, and fidelity to ensure that all clients are presented with the most effective solution to any concern. We specialize in multidimensional defense and security consulting and can provide clients with a tailored and unique core skill set that includes policy advisory, strategic, operational, and tactical planning, independent defense analysis, and dynamic security. This, while offering cost-effective solutions quickly, efficiently, and fully conscious of client confidentiality and sensitivities. Our main resource is the flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking of youth, with the established wisdom of traditionally associated with more conventional firms. Our management team is armed with extensive international commercial, political, and military expertise and has extensive experience in all levels of defense policy. We are tuned to the nuances and political sensitivities in the world today and we are able to adapt the capabilities of the company to address the requirements of our clients. Our strength is how we are able to draw upon emerging tactical and strategic concepts in every potential theatre to form unique solutions for our clients both effectively and decisively.
Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +001 (412) 256-8143
Founded date: 2010