biometric transaction authentication Beometric provides customer authentication solutions for financial transactions via biometrics. You currently walk up to an ATM and use your card and PIN. We offer the ease and flexibility of using your fingerprint, your face, your voice and/or your iris to authenticate your transaction instead of a PIN ensuring that your transaction is safe. Despite use of chip and pin for transaction security, there is significant fraud. 44% of surveyed in the UAE said they had experienced fraud in the last 5 years (2013). Consumers are increasingly using their credit and debit cards to perform financial transactions. HSBC reported 387 million ATM transactions and USD 109 billion in value were performed on ATMS in 2012. Beometric is targeted towards banks in the middle east. We bring together all parts of the authentication value chain. Biometric authentication helps better guard against fraud, improves transaction approval rates and heightens customer convenience and satisfaction.
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