The people & places matchmakers Bentigo offers people ? the more than a billion ?mobile workers? worldwide ? the places and potential for enjoyable work, whenever and wherever they happen or like to be. Starting as a service to find, book and pay per hour for rated and temporary workspaces. Complementary to working at the office or home and alternatives to the buzzy coffee shops. Exciting environments to escape to or stopover at in for example hotels, stores or museums. Initially in Stockholm. Our main competitors control less than 1% of the 1,3 billion and growing mobile working market. Our long-term aim is to get minimum 1% market share resulting in $ 1 billion + annual turnover. We will reach this by working with spectacular venues going viral, get users to curate and share "placelists" in social medias as they do with e.g. Spotify and being top-notch in search for, rating and categorisation of the venues.